Updating website will help you boosts your online reputation and ranks you higher in search engines such as Google,Yahoo or Bing.

So, in this post, I am gonna talk about some of the things that most clients overlook. This is about adding new content to make sure your website is fresh, and updating your Content Management System (CMS) so that it meets latest web standards.

Search engines like Google and people love websites that are user friendly and updated frequently. It boosts your online reputation and ranks you higher in search engines. Imagine visiting a website where you find the same content all the time? Or the moment you click on some pages you are always greeted with 404 Not Found messages? Will you even think of going back to that site? Absolutely, not.

Websites with outdated content and those with broken links tell visitors that either the company no longer exists or doesn’t care about its reputation. As a business owner, this makes you lose a lot of opportunities which can hinder your growth because nowadays, many people depend on searching services or products online. So, if your website is no longer functional, you stand to lose a lot.

Regarding security, if your website is built on Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and you haven’t logged in to your website for a while- chances are that your scripts are outdated. New versions are released oftenly which contain a lot of bug and security fixes and new features are always added.

Some of these new features might not be compatible with your current theme or plugins and chances are that your site is at risk of getting hacked or even becoming unavailable due to outdated scripts.

The good news is that when you login into your wordpress dashboard or Joomla administration panel, you are greeted with notifications that your CMS or one of your plugin/extensions or themes/templates is outdated and needs an update. Unfortunately, not all people take this seriously or know which steps to be taken.

It might also be because they don’t see the importance of doing it. Therefore, it is always important that you check with your web developer and ask them on how you can go about it.

Of course there are some scripts, like WordPress which now has an auto updating capability. However, if you have some premium addons, it will require your manual interventions by entering a purchase code etc.

But we must warn you- Don’t attempt to update the scripts if you don’t know what you are doing. Sometimes it requires a complete website backup before proceeding in case something goes wrong. So,do this only if you have been trained on how to do it.

Another bad thing could be that you don’t know on which CMS your website is built on. This is because not all developers are kind enough to tell their clients about this and not all clients also think of asking. It is understandable it from the point of view of a client because what he needs is a solution to his problems and doesn’t care about the technology used. However, we can encourage you that if you haven’t considered this, it’s time to do so now!

If you are a Freelance Web Solutions Malawi client, and you have signed a maintenance contract with us, there is nothing to worry about. If not, then we encourage you to contact us and see how you can benefit from our services. We take care of the rest while you blissfully live your life.

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