If you have a website, it is good to sit down and ask yourself how much money the website is making as your Return On Investment (ROI).

Sometimes, people hire a web developer to create a website for the sake of just having it. This could either be because they have no idea what the online industry can offer to their business or simply they don’t know its objectives. Nonetheless, it is so encouraging to note that others are really serious about establishing and maintaining their online brand because they know its benefits.

The most worrisome and unfortunate thing though is that very few of those who are aware of the benefits of online industry do succeed with their website. Instead of generating revenue from their website, they continue spending large sums of money either monthly or annually.

Through my interactions with some companies and organisations who already have websites, I have discovered that the problem lies on several factors. But the main ones are that the client did not communicate his problem well to the agency or he made a wrong choice.

It is clear fact that most business owners need their website to bring more visitors who may potentially become eventual customers. For most NGOs, they want to have more donations coming in and they rely much on the expertise of web development agency to guide them on how they can achieve this.

So, normally the mistake lies on choosing a web development agency. Many business owners make a mistake by choosing agencies either because they are widely known or because they offer cheap services. They barely care whether they get their solution solved or not, all what they need is just to get website.

But believe us, it is not just about having a beautiful website but how it helps your business grow by generating more revenue or bringing you new customers. Consider your website as any other investment. You need to benefit from it.

If your website doesn’t seem to solve any specific problems of your existing customers or offering important information regarding your products and/or services to your prospect customers then it is useless.

To succeed with your website requires a lot of efforts. Don’t make a mistake by talking much about you on the website as most people do. Talk much about your customers. What benefits are they getting? What pains are you solving? And it is not just about talking, they should be able to see it for themselves. That is why the website should be simple and user friendly.

If your website is just beautiful, with no any value – nobody will be interested to come back. Ask yourself, what things can our potential or existing customers find on the website without calling or visiting our offices? How is this website different with the brochure that we have at the reception?

The moment you ask these questions is when you will be able to realise whether your website deserves to exist or not.

At Freelance Web Solutions Malawi, we help to guide our clients on how they can maximise profits from their website. We give them new ideas and come up with strategies which are reviewed after a set period of time to make sure that they are working or they need a change.

Our Objective Based Approach makes this possible. If you are interested, contact us so that we can do a free analysis on your current website and advise you on where you are doing well and where to improve. That’s what makes us different from the rest.

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