How much does a website cost? This question may sound simple but it’s NOT for every professional designer. What people don’t know is that that having a website is just like buying a cellphone or any other product.

You can’t just go to the shop and ask a salesperson for the price of a cell phone and get a straight answer. Obviously, you will always be asked a lot of questions such as the kind of a cell phone you want, features and functionalities etc. Are we not right?

It is the same with a website. Unfortunately, when you ask people these kind of questions, they think you are just wasting their time or you are not serious with your business. This is because they don’t know why most web development agencies ask these questions.

There are so many tools used to develop or design a website and these questions help the designing agency to know the best solution to your needs which normally comes based on your answers. It helps the developer to understand whether what you need is a dynamic website, a static website or just a blog and charges vary depending on the amount of work involved.

You might have experienced that some developers or agencies take ages to complete projects. This again, also happens when you haven’t communicated well your needs and wants. This doesn’t only reflect well on you as a customer but to the agency too! Why? It just shows you don’t know what you are doing and why you are doing the things you are doing.

Your responses to the questions asked also help the developer to know whether your work will require a custom design or if just a simple template/theme can do. So, if you are considering of hiring a web development agency to create a new website or revamping the existing one, these are the things you need to keep in mind.

If you find a web developer who just gives you a straightforward figure – you won’t be wrong to doubt him. Ask yourself questions like, is he really a professional who will do what I want or he is just interested in getting my money? Does he really care about my pains?

Of course, some might have packages already set and will just ask you to choose which one fits your budget. However, I believe these are mere estimates, the final accurate quote will come only after you have given enough required information about your website project.

So, if you are a designing or developing agency, learn to ask so many questions so that at the end, you can come up with a robust product. If you are a person planning to have a new website or planning to revamp the existing one, then this process will not only save you a lot of energy but money as well.

As for us at Freelance Web Solutions Malawi, it’s more than a platform selection. We strive to understand your goals and objectives of the website. What problems you want us to help you solve, your target audience, demographics etc. because we know how important these questions are.

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