Charter Insurance Company Ltd

About the Client

Charter Insurance Company Limited is a non-Life insurance company which has been operating in Malawi since 1996. It started as a captive insurance company insuring risks of members within a group. The company later opened up to members of the public.


Travel insurance policies were issued manually, so it was not accepted by most embassies for visa application.

Further, charter struggled to account for what polices were exactly sold in a month because travel agents delayed in submitting returns. This posed problems in the event of a claim where the claim arose from a policy whose returns have not yet submitted to us by the travel agent.

These manual policy documents could also be easily forged and were prone to fraud, thereby losing a lot of revenue.

Before the online facility was introduced, it required travel agents to first seek approval from the insurer before they can conclude a transaction. This caused a lot of delays and customers would spend a lot of time at the travel agents office waiting for the policy. And if there was a network problem at the insurer then the business could be lost because clients couldn’t wait indefinitely.


We carefully listened to our client’s problem with keen interest because we needed to come up with something that would solve all those problems at once and later increase the client’s value. We then implemented a custom system that lets the travel agents issue policies online on behalf of their clients, anytime, anywhere. The agents just fill a form which takes few minutes and the rest, like generation of certificate and policy wording etc is done in the background.

What Client is Saying

“Since the establishment of the website we have witnessed considerable growth in both our products but more especially Travel Insurance Policy.

Our travel insurance policy can be purchased straight from the website through travel agents without even calling our office for any assistance and I may admit that since the introduction of issuing the policy online we have made considerable progress (matching the year 2012 sells in just four months).”

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • MK1,358,601.84 in 2013
  • MK10,744,850.75 in 2014
  • MK16,423,206.17 in 2015
  • MK31,093,656.39 In 2016
  • MK52,193,099.48 in 2017